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Victoria Wayne
Residing In: Sebastopol, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Yes, I have had them.
Occupation: Involuntarily retired :) Otherwise with T.A.P.S. on Afghanistan projects and being a farm owner.
Children: One girl married living in Pittsburgh PA with husband and three kids They own a house, she paints, raises More…the children, and has a bunch of friends with kids so they hang out a lot and have a good life. He takes care of businsess, makes great kids and is a card carrying Steeler Fan. Second daughter- globe trotter. First mexico, then France, then Italy, now Spain. Made meatballs and bikinis, hung out at the beach, had boyfriend named Cesare. Now she's in Spain.. Valencia with boyfriend named Luis and working for a British horror film producer but mostly its been all horror with no film yet. Will come home someday. Meanwhile, is fun to visit.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Hello former inmates. I haven't seen most of you in years and only met many of you at the end of our senior year.. at least that is what my yearbook says. I've worked hard, left the county, for long stretches of time and generally gotten out of touch but I guess most of us are out of touch with our high school friends 40 years later. My brothers and I sold the family home in Tiburon in 2011 and then I bought a farm in Sebastopol with a 21 ton apple orchard on it. I haven't had an actual paying job in years but have been very busy doing what seemed like important things. Before that, I had am actual career in retained exec search and got to the Partner, M.D. level. After I retired from that I volunteered for Iraq. I was hired by DOD. They kept promoting me over there until I was responsible for the budget and operations of Iraq's ports, airports and railroad. After Iraq became a sovereign state, I was the Deputy Director of Logistics for the reconstruction. We moved about $10Billion worth of stuff over a 3 year period in a war zone so that was something. Then I got involved with a famous spy, Dewey Clarridge, doing spy stuff. You won't have heard about him. The CIA describe him as the only guy whose resume was three blank pages. :) I wasn't the girl with the gun, although I've certainly learned how to use them and, on occasions, carried them. I was on the analyst side. Dewey said I would have made a great case manager. I recently saw him in a movie about Nicaragua and also someone playing Adolfo Calero who I knew. Now I'm a farmer, a painter, and an interior decorator. Ha Ha! Maybe see you later at a reunion!

School Story:

Well, I got out of Redwood with good enough grades to get admitted to a college in southern Switzerland. Rough duty. Next it was University of Bordeaux all in French. Way hard but I met some cool french people and had fun. Then I flew for World Airways for five years, got married, had kids and THEN finished my last year of college at USF. That was hell. I'd never recommend it to anyone. Anyway I have a BS but learned everthing truly useful at work. Redwood was rough. I knew no-one at all when I entered and shortly thereafter, quit ballet which was my true love--a trade off for a social life and friends. Most of you met me then and probably never knew that I was a hair's breath away from fame as a dancer with San Francisco Ballet. I think some of the boys may have admired my legs even if they didn't fully realize how special they were at the time. Oh, by the way, I've had some husbands but none of them was Marty Feutsch which could be confusing if you see him and me in the photos section with the label Mr. and Mrs. Hey Marty! Did you know we got married? I didn't either!! When was that? :)

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