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JoAnne Strittmatter

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09/17/10 01:32 AM #1    

Richard Morse (Morse)

I need to say this. I do not know if anyone will read it. I hope so. But I want to say this.

Joanne, Joey to me and her closest friends is an amazing young lady. I am not quite ready to say "was" as yet, because when I went to this reunion website, her name is one of the first... okay, maybe the first, as to see if she was going to be attending.

Joey with my second girlfriend in high school, but in many ways, she was the first.

This was before we drivers licenses, and so one of my parents or friends with drivers licenses would drop me off at her house Corte Madera, and we would usually walk to a movie, or something like that, just hang out together. When arriving back outside of her parents place, always a little bit behind curfew, some how we would always get tangled up in the unkept ivy in the vacant lot next door to her family... & again, always for a while. Her sweet Mom was always curious about the leaves of ivy stuck in her hair and clothes when we finally made it to the front door. Luckily, her dad was always asleep -- he would have probably killed me.

I am taking a small chance that this in no way sounds disrespectful. We were young kids in love and lust and life was nothing but beautiful then. Joey was amazing. She had the most beautiful face, eyes, lips, hair and everything that a young man just growing up could have ever looked for but more importantly, she was so smart and had such a big and wonderful heart that had nothing but love and wonderment for everything and everyone. Even at that young age, it would be hard to ever imagine someone that one could have  taken in life with so much of an unabashed innocent and yet knowing sense of wonder while yet always longing to know more, to learn more, to feel more, and to be more.

This is the first time in my life that I've ever found out that a girlfriend or love of my life is no longer here to enjoy this beautiful world, and it hurts more than anything you could ever imagine, no matter the fact that you have not seen this person in decades and decades and decades. Time changes some things and yet Time changes nothing. All of us that that knew you and loved you and respect your beautiful heart, now must bear their own heavy heart. Sleep sweetly our princess, we trust, hope and pray that you are in a place now that is truly is beautiful as you always will be. Love always, Rick Morse

PS: after I wrote this, the next thing I did was to look to see if her best friend, also a beautiful angel of a young lady was going to be at the  reunion so I could share these words in person -- Bambi Brand. Alas, the two dear friends are no doubt frolicking in the fields of sweet dreams together forever. Bless you too sweet Bambi, you also were and are a beautiful soul, jst like sweet Joey.  Be free.  R

09/15/16 01:00 PM #2    

Bob Tanner

Nice words Rick. I sat with Joanne and her husband at the 2000 reunion when she revealed she had cancer. I believe it was the next year that she passed. Very quiet, classy young woman. Bob

09/16/16 07:15 PM #3    

Lissa Herschleb

 This is Lissa Herschleb ... We didn't know each other but we all knew of eachother. I want to say to you, I usually don't  reply back but in this circumstance I read your sweet homage to your love and memory. As we all get older we experience these things and I feel it's important to let you know I am moved. Thank you for posting the words to bring us all to the awareness that sharing your personal thoughts help us all to understand we're not alone.

10/02/21 08:37 PM #4    

Stephen Friend

10/02/21 08:56 PM #5    

Stephen Friend

Sweet JoaAnne, We all miss your wonderful fabulous loving Spirit, you truly touched so many souls, always looking for the very best in Everyone! Your heavenly beauty touched so many at Redwood High,,, Your being so very shy didn't stop people from following in love with you, I had the pleasure of capturing your beauty with my camera, truly a day I will cherish forever! Happy Trails Sweet Soul...Let Your Wonderful Spirit Fly....

10/03/21 08:26 AM #6    

Angela Adams (Kaufman)

Wow Stephen Friend that is a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman and friend. You might think about giving a copy of that to her parents, it is both inspiring and now sweetly poignant.

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