In Memory

Dick Jackson

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07/23/22 07:58 AM #1    

Lynne Volk (Keller)

I am so sad to hear about DIck.  He was a great guy and I have fond memories of him from high school. 

07/23/22 10:44 AM #2    

Michael Mosier (Mosier)

Sorry to here about Dick. I remember the dumpy apt. In I think Novato. Chasing the cockroaches with matches.LOL. .

Rest in Peace Dick!

07/24/22 09:01 AM #3    

Richard Collier

Dick's famiy lived up the hill from where I worked part time at a Richfield gas station in Larkspur which was next to the Masonic Hall and now is long gone. His dad drove a Ferrari that smoked like a mosquito abatement  truck as he drove by the gas station.  We were friends in High School and College.  When his family moved to the Chicago area, we got a low rent apartment along with Mike Stein.  Mike Mosier described it accurately.

I lost track of Dick prior to taking a job in Davis, CA in 1974. If I remember correctly, he moved east to be closer to his parents.  We had many great times together and Dick was always a bundle of non-stop energy.  He was either on the way someplace or coming back from somewhere.  Dck typically slept in the house and then was gone for the day.  I got a Sunbeam Alpine from Mike Stein and then Dick ended up with it and drove it everywhere.  Dick was a guy who enjoyed having fun and it was a pleasure to know him.  Dick, say hi to the big guy for me and play him a little tune on your harmonica.

Rest In Peace

07/24/22 09:28 AM #4    

Michael Stein

Before saying a very sad 'good-by' to Dick, gotta say hi to distanted friends, Dick Collier & Mike Mosier.  Looking back on us group of 'el-cheapo' house buddies (cannot leave out our king-pin roomy, Ross Lee, "The Dragon") we were plodding our way through college working PT & summers at gas stations where we fixed our cars.  We were greasy but chums.   Shout out to you all :-) 

Dick joined us as a roomy but as Dick C correcty points out, above, we rarely saw him.  His was Mr. Energy THE man about town, Mr. out & about with other groups, many were girls that I'd wish were my ...... (another story).   A really fun, high energy guy!

It is really hard to get my arms around how classmates like Dick & others from our High School class are no longer with us.  When I saw Dick Jackson's name of the "memories" e-mail I thought it not possible.  He was living itself !     Those of us who remember Dick, Phil Hoehn (another brief roomy) and too many others of us hope to appreciate how even with the rich heritage of our experience at a great place & institution like Redwood; we need remember all of "us" now departed and our good fortune.

Here's to ya Dick.  May God be with you & grant you peace.

07/24/22 11:25 AM #5    

John Boro

I didn't know Dick very well in high school, but we connected in the last few years because we both were diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Unfortunately Dick didn't qualify for a heart transplant due to some other health issues.  But he was a fighter through his last few years supported by his wonderful family, always placing them ahead of his own well being.  I'm grateful I was able provide him some support during some difficult times.  RIP Dick.


07/24/22 05:54 PM #6    

Mike Wurtz (Wurtz)

Dick and I were best friends since 7th Grade at Kent School, when he lived in Kent Woodlands.  We were in the school band. In high school we hung out together with Wendy Gale (Phelps), Lynn (Curtis) Phillips, Cynthia Postel, and Brent Huber.  One of my favorite memories was practicing backflips off the school benches when we were basketball cheer leaders.  Another one was when we wore top hats and whistled to the theme music for Bridge over the River Kwai through our belly buttons in a skit for the Senior Farewell.

He took to the road on his BMW motorcycle, married and moved back to his roots in the mid-west and raised many children. As he got into bike culture he changed his common name to "Jack", posting as Dick "Jack" Jackson on his Facebook page. He visited the west only seldom but it was always good to see him again. 

As John Boro mentioned he had heart problems and needed to stay close to home but I was able to get together with him one October day in 2017 at Davenport, Iowa to celebrate life and have one more beer for old times sake with his brother Mike, his designated driver for the day.  I was grateful to be able to see him, hug him, and cheer him on one more time before he passed away.

Thanks for all the good times growing up together Dick.  

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