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David Osterloh

David (Dubz) Osterloh 1952 - 2020 David died unexpectedly at his home in San Rafael. Born to Sam and Julie Osterloh in Riverside, California, the Osterlohs moved to Marin County in 1957, where David attended the local schools, Ross Elementary and Redwood High School. He graduated from the University of Oregon and Southwestern University School of Law. He is survived by his sister Marta Osterloh (Tony Curtiss); brother John Osterloh (Connie); and sister Mary Osterloh. He is also survived by his nieces and nephews: Marta Guajardo (Dan), Samantha Hoog (Guillaume), William Curtiss (Maureen), Julian Osterloh (Kim), and Elizabeth Curtiss; and four great-nieces and nephews. He loved camping and hiking and was never afraid of hard work. He was a good friend to all who knew him. He will leave a hole in the hearts of many, but a smile on their faces when they think of him. A Giants fan and a cat lover, he will be missed. Due to COVID there will be no service. Donations in his memory may be made to New Beginnings Law Center in San Rafael.

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12/09/20 03:28 PM #1    

Ross Gondak

Dubz was one of a kind. My wife Julie and I will both miss him. RIP Dubz. 

12/09/20 04:49 PM #2    

George Carewe

David (also known as Dubz) was a true gift to the world. We were neighbors as kids and always had fun playing together after school. He was the king of Chef Boyardee Raviolis! Dave, my friend, I trust you and Bambi have reunited and are having fun playing together once again. I will miss you my friend of many years.

12/10/20 07:11 AM #3    

Patrick Dorinson

When I heard about Dubsie's passing warm and wonderful memories came flooding into my mind. Of our days at Redwood yes but more about our childhood growing up in Ross. It was a special time and place back then and made all the more special by having Dave be a part of the gang of Ross Boys who started a journey together in kindergarten in 1957. A piece of all of us is gone but defintely will never be forgotten. He is now with his wonderful mother Jewell and Doc Sam his great dad. Love ya Dave. Till we meet again...

12/10/20 10:23 AM #4    

Bud Broomhead

Dubz was a good man. His sense of humor was spectacularily witty and smart delivered by an extraordinarily kind soul.

Strange, the last time I saw Dubz was at my brother's memorial last year, along with Benjie Ballard...Ross Rascals all.

God speed Dubz.


12/10/20 11:16 AM #5    

Ross Beaton

So sad, and yet so many good memories.  From Ross School days, Little League baseball, walking to his house to play Stratego or some other game and having to get by Bambi the Weimaraner, and hearing Doc Sam yell " damn it Bambi, get in here".  Redwood days and him learning to drive ( OMG! ).  College days at the U of O and living together with Dave, Pete and Melinda Warburg, Tom Bricca, Frank Barsocchini, and many others who would come and go either at " Fat City" 1 or  2 ( includes Dorinson and Havel too ).  Remember Dave and Chris "modifing" his VW van into a convertable?!   The memories go on and on, but the best are his humor, his wicked wit, his laugh and smile, and his zest and love of life.  Dubz will always remain a part of mine.  Keep smiling down on us, brother.  We'll miss you.

12/10/20 11:17 AM #6    

Ned Martini

Dave and I were friends at Redwood and over the years saw each other on the ferry on those occasions when we both worked in San Francisco at the same time. He was a unique personality and was always a pleasure to talk to. I've never known anyone quite like him and will miss him.

12/10/20 11:30 AM #7    

Joe Akers

it's always hard to hear about the loss of an old friend..dave was always a quick wit, prankster and just made you feel good being around best to his family always     joe akers

12/10/20 04:27 PM #8    

Steve Waste

Dubz loved camping and hiking from early on, starting with his adventures in the Boy Scouts, Ross Troop 17, led by our intrepid Scoutmaster “Doc” Bortfeld. Here is my remembrance of him in 1966, on one of our “Hundred-Miler” hikes, when he was just 14. Others famous people on the trip were Tim Shippey, Ben Ballard, George Carewe (and brothers Arthur and Eddie), James Preston, Danny Friedman and Jamie Peters.

We approached from Cedar Grove hiking up Bubb’s Creek to join the Muir trail at Vidette Meadows to then hike south up to Mt. Whitney and out through Whitney Portal. We stopped for lunch at “Punch Bowl,” a large and beautiful pool below a low waterfall. Someone brought a snorkel and face mask (first one carried up Mt. Whitney) and we all took turns “swimming with the trout.”

After lunch we headed up the trail and Dubz was in the rear.  He had discovered that the community food he was carrying included a very large bag of Kraft caramels.  He began eating them and by the time he reached the lower edge of Vidette Meadows (9,500 feet elevation) they were all gone, and so was he.  He collapsed and remained immobile and in pain for the next 36 hours. We all thought he just goofed up his GI tract with all the sugar, but his pain did not diminish, in fact it worsened

At this point Redwood track star Todd Norris was dispatched for help four miles to the Charlotte Lake Ranger Station (10,544 feet elevation). Todd returned with Ranger Robin Jay Crane who immediately examined Dubz and asked a few questions. He then stepped aside and pulled out his Walkie-Talkie to make a call.  About 40 minutes later a tiny two person Bell helicopter arrived flying low in the thin air with two people in it, a pilot and a medic. How the hell were they going to fit Dubz in there? Well they did not, they loaded him into an aerial rescue basket, slung him under the chopper and took off low down the valley and on to Fresno. It was scary!

We continued our hike and learned upon our return that Dubz’ appendix burst right after he got to the hospital.  By the time we were all home, and he was showing us his scar, he had already returned to his old nonchalant self…like the time during basketball practice in the Gabrielson’s Gym that he nonchalantly slung the ball backwards up over his head and it swished the hoop…

My brother Corby and I will always remember him fondly.

12/11/20 05:05 PM #9    

Tim Shippey

I don't remember how Dave got the nickname Dubsy or Dubsie or Dubzy which as we got older was shortened to Dubs or The Dubs which further morphed into the The Dubsmeister. In any case, regardles of how it was spelled there was only one Dubs; a unique individual beloved by all.

Dubsy didn't have a mean bone in his body but he had a wicked wit and good humored irreverance that always kept us laughing. Like so many of my childhood friends who's comments preceded mine, I have so many fond memories growing up in Ross and hanging out with Dubsy. Endless hours spent in his bedroom playing Parker Hill board games of the greatest miltary battles in history that went on for days which he always won. Numerous Troop 17 outings; hikes, cycling trips, canoe trips, Camporees at Tamarancho terrorizing the other troops, and the infamous 100 Milers; the last of which we went on the summer prior to our Senior year at Redwood through the back country of Yosemite with Dubs, Steve Waste and I as patrol leaders (a truly scary thought). And I can't forget when Dubs ran for the Ross School Student Body President and being his campaign manager. He was running against Ann Bennet, the hottest girl in the 8th grade, and no one gave him a chance of winning but he gave a totally off the wall speech about why he should be elected that had them rolling in the aisles and he won in a landslide. Mr. B,and Mr. Banke and Ms. Gumz were not amused but we were ecstatic.

Dave was such a kind and gentle and loveable soul and like so many I will sincerely miss him and feel a little bit lonelier because he is no longer among us. But he has gone on ahead and I look forward to finding him waiting for me at the top of the next pass where we can sit down together again and watch the sun set behind the western ridges. Until then my dear old friend.

12/14/20 08:32 AM #10    

Ben Ballard

Good to hear from George, Pat, Bud, Steve and Tim about Dubs and the old Ross days. I have a thousand Dubsy stories, but my favorite memory from recent decades is Dubs making Easter eggs with my little girls and then watching Napoleon Dynamite with them all the way through. I was wondering whether I now have to change the password secret question about best friend, but think I'll leave it the way it is.

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