In Memory

Steve McDonald

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10/14/10 08:31 PM #1    

Bruce MacGowan

I'd really like to see more of my Redwood classmates writing some nice things about some of our departed friends,  and I'm very disappointed to see that many of you can't take the time  (five minutes)  to put down some thoughts.  I've been spending over an hour doing just that for some of the folks that are gone,  because at least they deserve some recognition.   I went to a recent Del mar Jr High reunion,  and learned that so many of my classmates from the class of 1966 at Del Mar are no longer with us,  including Steve McDonald.  Steve  was a  terrific athlete,  and particularly excelled in tennis.  Steve  was a bit of a wild man,  a ladies man and party animal,  and like my brother (Paul)  who died too  young from too much extra curicular activity,  Steve also fell victim.  I ran into Steve  about

seven years ago when I was hiking around Phoenix lake with my good friend Herman Schawarz.  Steve was out for a walk with a girlfriend,  and seemed to be doing well.  He told me he was on get sober program,  and had his life back in order.  But two years later I ran into Woody Van Lackum in downtown San Rafael and he told me he had just seen Steve's body nearby at Keaton's Mortuary.   We miss  our friends like Steve who kept us laughing and full of

mischief "back in the day!"

01/03/11 08:31 AM #2    

Mike O'Hair

Steve and I said good bye at the end of a incredible weekend of raging and making our mark on society on Main Street in Tiburon ...He and Mike Miller joined the Army and were off to SanDiego then Germany.They went in on the Army's "Buddy System" .Seemed like a good Idea at the time. Everybody was watching the draft and wondering when there number would be called. I'll always remember that weekend as epic . We were young ...and we had fun..Love you Steve..

01/03/11 10:22 AM #3    

Joe Akers

steve had to be one of our best athletes, his big smile and those freckles...just a good dude and someone everybody could look up to...

09/27/11 11:46 PM #4    

John Metcalfe (Metcalfe)

To me Steve was one of  bright lights of the gang from tiburon.  I rememner he ran for classp pres at Bel Air school, and one.  I guess I was just lucky and steve was not.  Good by friend

06/23/20 12:40 PM #5    

Michael Mosier (Mosier)

I remember always being pissed off because no matter how hard I tried he always beat me at the mile run. It is so sad that we are all going on.

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